Our Story

Hi friends!
I'm Keysha! Born and raised in Puerto Rico, now living in the Sunshine state married to my amazing hubby. We have a sweet fur baby, Oliver. I'm a HS Biology Teacher and a small business owner. We love slow mornings, family and friends.
I'm so happy you're here! I'm very passionate about skincare products and conservation. Let me tell you how everything started. I moved from Puerto Rico to Colorado with my husband a few years ago. My face began to experience acne, something that not even as a teenager I had experienced. I tried to use the same facial soaps that I used when I lived in Puerto Rico and my face got dry, it burned so much that I couldn't even put on a moisturizer (the one I used to use in Puerto Rico too). So I started doing research and buying various ingredients to try. At first I spent a lot of time trying to create the correct formula. Finally, I created my first soap and first mask, my face improved a lot. I did more research and experimented until I managed to make the perfect formula for my balm, all natural.
Then, I created my facial scrub and toner. In a few weeks my acne and spots were better, in one to three months my acne spots were gone. Everyone started noticing the difference! My friends asked me to please sell them my products and I did it. When I found out that it helped them with acne and other skin conditions, my husband encouraged me to open an online store. Then I continued to use the knowledge of biology and chemistry to make more formulas and create more products that could help people with eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and other skin conditions. My greatest satisfaction is that my products (being totally natural) are helping people with conditions like the ones I mentioned. There is nothing better than receiving messages from people who have tried all kinds of products and when trying Eden's in days they have seen the improvement and continue buying! It's amazing to be able to help people ease pain and feel better and more beautiful.

My incredible husband is a creative and helps me with product photography and the website! He's pushed me towards every single dream, idea and goal, no matter how scary or big they can be. I love him!

You're the most important part of this business and every single order is celebrated. Thank you so much for supporting this dream of mine. I can't wait to grow alongside of you and I hope you stick around for all that is to come!